A historia da Friato

In 1998, Friato began as a large project that continues to be built every day with great work, dedication, new investments in technology and, especially, respect for the environment, our employees and our consumers. Located within a verticalized industrial complex with hatcheries, breeder and grow-out farms and feed and industrialized product factories, Friato is one of the largest producers and exporters of chicken meat in the world and is served on the tables of families in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Doha, Oman and Russia.But we enjoy what we do so much that we want to do even more, which is why we say that this huge dream that became a brand is only just starting to become reality.



We are believers.And if there is one thing that we believe in, it’s that every day things can be done better than yesterday.

Twice named the Best Poultry Farming Company by Globo Rural Magazine.

Ranked among the top 10 companies in the country by the Valor 1000 ranking, published by Valor Econômico Newspaper.

Third best performance among food companies in the Center-West and North regions as ranked in the Annual Valor 1000 Catalog, published by Valor Econômico Newspaper.

Second place among outstanding Brazilian agricultural industry companies in the Valor 1000 ranking, published by Valor Econômico Newspaper.

First place among the best agro-industrial companies in the Center-West and North regions as ranked in the Annual Valor 1000 Catalog, published by Valor Econômico Newspaper.


When a consumer chooses Friato, whether in Brazil or elsewhere, they are taking home a healthy and flavorful food that is controlled from the first to the last stage of the production process, until reaching the table.Because we keep no secrets, learn more about how this is done.


From preparing the soil for production to packaging, every step of the industrial process is controlled by Friato.This is called verticalization of processes and its biggest benefit is that it allows for quality control to be done at each of the many stages of production, guaranteeing the superior quality of the brand’s products.


The Friato culture is based on a commitment to honestly and transparently value and enhance the relationships of trust established with consumers and with every participant in our production chain, fostering entrepreneurism and enthusiasm.

To produce chicken and chicken by-products for the domestic and foreign markets, creating income for employees, development for the region and sustainability for the company.
Quality Policy
To raise, slaughter and process chickens and chicken by-products with quality, satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers in general, seeking to be competitive while continually improving our products, services and management system.


Friato quality goes far beyond slaughter and processing.We believe that in order to make a difference, you have to care for your community, which is why we invest in sustainability and social projects.

In order to contribute to preserving the planet, we treat all industrial waste before releasing it into the environment, in addition to processing and selling by-products generated as raw materials for other products.A smart way to reuse.

Moreover, we carry out our own reforestation, which supplies wood for burners, and we have an effluent treatment station, which holds a Green Seal of Sustainability, where all of the water used in the slaughterhouse is returned to nature clean.

Training the community residents is one of our social responsibilities.The “Friato at School” project fosters education of children and young people in Pires do Rio and the region, offering guided visits to the factory andtalks at schoolson environmental education, entrepreneurship and hatchery operations.While the Welcome Project offers professional training to employees in partnership with Sebrae and Senai, in addition to welcoming new employees and monitoring stages of adaptation and professional development.